Cycle Time Savers

Cycle time reduction is one of the major factors that affect the functionalities of the civil aerospace industry. Cycle time reduction is the primary goal and to achieve this good quality cycle time savers are needed. At Sunshine, you can find the type and quality of cycle time savers you desire as a manufacturer.

  • High-Speed Machining of Nickel-based Alloys Very
  • Specialized Chamfering and Spot-Facing Tools
  • High Feed Gun Drilling
  • Rotary Broaching

Hole Making Tools

The aerospace industry heavily relies on various specially made parts and constantly changing designs. Aircraft’s parts need to be such that they can stand high speed, high altitude, and various space conditions. The team of experts at Sunshine designs hole-making tools that can help in manufacturing aerospace parts that are perfect in their jobs.

  • Rough Boring and Fine Boring Tools
  • Fixed and Expandable Reamers
  • BTA Drills, Ejector Drills, and Trepanning Tools
carbide inserts


In the aerospace industry, inserts are majorly used in lightweight sandwich panels. The bonding process is accomplished after Positioning and then these are used to screw the panels together adjust to parson a variety of components everyone. Thousands of inserts are used in a satellite, thus one can’t compromise with the quality.

  • CBN Inserts
  • Ceramic Inserts
  • Bidemics Inserts
  • Carbide Inserts
  • PCD Inserts

Thread Making Tools

Manufacturing aerospace parts face various tricky challenges, as it’s not easy to machine materials like martensitic steels, titanium, nickel alloys, etc. Sunshine introduces you to the range of Thread Making Tools that are perfect for manufacturing high-quality Aerospace parts.

  • HSS and Carbide Taps
  • Thread Turning Tools
threading making tools
micro endmills

Micro Drills and Endmills

Sunshine produces a line of precision micro drills and endmills optimized for aerospace manufacturers that helps in machining composite materials, ceramics, fiberglass, and high technology alloys. Our range of drills is made up of premium sub-micron grade carbide available in various sizes. Possessing high tolerances, our endmills are surely the tool you need for aerospace manufacturing.

  • Micro Reamers/Micro Boring Tools
  • Micro Grinding Wheels

Deburring and Chamfering Tools

For your large-scale aerospace projects, you desire high-quality tools that are highly efficient for your deburring and chamfering processes. Sunshine has created a range that optimizes processes, combines operations, and produces high-quality parts. You can rely on our tools because we know that in manufacturing small details equal big differences.

  • Machine Deburring Tool
  • Spot Facing and Counter Boring Tool – Front & Back
  • Deburring Tool for Undefined Edges
  • Recessing Tool
  • Cross-Hole Deburring on the Machine
deburring and chamfering tools
CBN and Grinding Wheels

Grinding Wheels and Dressing Tools

The aerospace industry needs abrasive and strong grinding and dressing tools. These come with special shapes and tight tolerances for their particular applications. The collection we have is perfect for grinding hard steels and gummy materials and offers smooth finishes.

  • Diamond Roller Dressers/Gear Dressers
  • Super Abrasives – CBN and Diamond Wheels
  • Gear Profile Grinding Wheels
  • Rubber Bonded Wheels
  • Cut-Off Wheels
  • CBN ID Grinding Wheels

Tools for Sliding Head Machines

Leading manufacturers utilize the tools for sliding head machines designed by Sunshine for designing aerospace components. The reason is that our range only includes genuine material that can improve productivity and quality of the manufacturing work. We are also familiar with the manufacturing challenges and using our experience we have fabricated a range of tools that are perfect for your needs.

  • Swiss-type Front Turning Tools
  • Swiss-type Back Turning Tools
  • Swiss-type Cut-off Tools
  • Swiss-type Grooving/Side-turning Tools
  • Swiss-type Threading Tools
  • Swiss-type ID Tooling
micro endmills