Cycle Time Savers

At Sunshine, our goal is to help the manufacturers design tools that can minimize the thermal injury to the surrounding bone and reduce the cortical penetration. We understand that the most knowledgeable surgeons prefer hole-making tools that come with precision-ground points for better penetration.

  • Rotary Broaching
  • Specialized Chamfering and Spot-Facing Tools
  • Thread Whirling For Swiss-Style Machines
  • Very High Feed Gun Drilling

Hole Making Tools

Hole making tools

Hole-making tools play a crucial role in the field of medical implants. Especially for procedures like bone cutting which is one of the oldest surgical procedures incorporating skull plate and trepanation; it is necessary to have tools that can get precise.

  • Indexable and Solid Drills
  • Fixed and Expandable Reamers
carbide inserts


Sunshine is the name that comes first to mind when it’s about getting high-quality medical manufacturing tools. We bring you the best and the widest range of machining tools that manufacturers might need for designing different types of medical equipment.

  • Carbide Inserts

Thread Making Tools

Medical technology is evolving and changing on a daily basis and now cutting tools are being used more and more in operating theatres. This has created an urgent need for cutting tools to have an excellent cutting geometry and come with the right type of cutting material.

The range of thread-making tools that Sunshine offers quality helps the manufacturers in designing threading tools while following the international standards.

  • HSS and Carbide Taps
  • Thread Turning Tools
threading making tools
micro endmills

Micro Drills and Endmills

Drilling and milling of materials is a whole new set of challenges. Thus, every manufacturer needs micro drills and endmills that are precisely designed and can do the machining job as expected. Drill geometry is very important and the best results can only be achieved by the tools that have sharp edges and high clearance angles. You can find such micro drills and endmills at Sunshine.

  • Micro Reamers/Micro Boring Tools
  • Micro Grinding Wheels

Deburring and Chamfering Tools

With deburring and chamfering tools the unwanted edge properties and flashing that are caused by cutting or machining can be removed effectively. Deburring tools are designed for removing burrs and for smoothening the jagged edges, parting lines, or protuberances. The medical equipment manufacturers know how essential it is to design tools that are error-free and how important deburring and chamfering tools are for ensuring this.

  • Machine Deburring Tool
  • Spot Facing and Counter Boring Tool – Front & Back
  • Deburring Tool for Undefined Edges
  • Recessing Tool
  • Cross-Hole Deburring on the Machine
deburring and chamfering tools
CBN and Grinding Wheels

Grinding Wheels and Dressing Tools

Sunshine can provide you robust tools for chassis, machining engines, and transmission components in the automotive industry. The processed auto parts include the cylinder block, cylinder head, crankshaft, camshaft, connecting rod, transmission case, gearbox shaft, clutch housing, brake disc and drum, aluminum wheel and pressure, etc.

  • Diamond Roller Dressers/Gear Dressers
  • Super Abrasives – CBN and Diamond Wheels
  • Gear Profile Grinding Wheels
  • Rubber Bonded Wheels
  • Cut-Off Wheels
  • CBN ID Grinding Wheels

Tools for Sliding Head Machines

Sliding head machines are meant for offering high performance for small high-volume components with their effective machining. These machines are used for machining small parts from 0.3mm to 33mm in diameter and can provide up to 9-axis capabilities. A medical implant manufacturer needs a sliding head machine that can deliver both large and small volumes when the times and prices are very competitive. The team of experts at Sunshine has invested their time and efforts both in making the machinery advanced and innovative.

  • Swiss-type Front Turning Tools
  • Swiss-type Back Turning Tools
  • Swiss-type Cut-off Tools
  • Swiss-type Grooving/Side-turning Tools
  • Swiss-type Threading Tools
  • Swiss-type ID Tooling
micro endmills
Solid Round Tools

Solid Round Tools

Our range of solid round tools for manufacturing a wide range of implants like hip joints, bone screws are also helpful in achieving multiple complex components. They are highly corrosion and wear-resistant and are made up of stainless steel and various special alloys because they are required to withstand the advanced demands of the human body.

  • Solid Carbide Endmills
  • Solid Carbide Thread Mills
  • Micro Drills and Micro End Mills