Cycle Time Savers

While oil and gas operators reduce active cycle time in drilling days or completions, future gains will be captured by reducing total cycle time. And the only t=way to do this is to use cycle time-savers designed by Sunshine.

  • High-Speed Machining of Nickel-based Alloys
  • Very High Feed Gun Drilling

Hole Making Tools

Oil and gas drilling isn’t an easier thing to do and offered and bridges and furnishings and management for the tools. With down-hole drilling, the drill bits break, motors seize the tools might wear out. Sunshine’s hole-making tools are designed to get you down the hole in a single trip and to combat the punishing effects of wear.

  • Indexable and Solid Drills
  • Rough Boring and Fine Boring Tools
  • Fixed and Expandable Reamers
  • BTA Drills, Ejector Drills and Trepanning Tools
carbide inserts


Sunshine’s carbon steel inserts have amazing features that can help the manufacturers in designing tools that are useful in the oil and gas industry. The tools that we design are as per international standard so that they can offer the customers very close tolerance to prevent unnecessary flush to enter into the inserts.

  • CBN Inserts
  • Ceramic Inserts
  • Carbide Inserts
  • Bidemics Inserts

Thread Making Tools

Being a leading manufacturer of high-quality cutting tools, Sunshine specialises in the oil and gas industry for many years. Are production of thread-making tools for turning and milling includes thread inserts, thread turning inserts and tool holders, spiral mill thread, thread solid carbide, and other grooving tools. Why don’t you contact our experts to know more about thread-making tools collection?

  • HSS and Carbide Taps
  • Thread Turning Tools
threading making tools
micro endmills

Micro Drills and Endmills

Demand for machining exotic materials in the oil and gas industry is high, but the need is to have tools that can withstand the most extreme environments including corrosion, high temperatures, high pressure, etc. Our micro drills and endmills can definitely do that while offering you appropriate functionalities.

  • Micro Reamers/Micro Boring Tools
  • Micro Grinding Wheels

Deburring and Chamfering Tools

Sunshine deburring and chamfering tools offer a better way to get rid of those troublesome burrs. You can easily deburr the front and back of the holes in one single pass. This procedure just takes a few seconds that even saves a lot of time that can be used for other crucial procedures.

  • Machine Deburring Tool
  • Spot Facing and Counter Boring Tool – Front & Back
  • Deburring Tool for Undefined Edges
  • Recessing Tool
  • Cross-Hole Deburring on the Machine
deburring and chamfering tools
CBN and Grinding Wheels

Grinding Wheels and Dressing Tools

The grinding wheels and dressing tools that are utilized in oil and gas industries are required to be developed specifically. They must offer the performance needed in various procedures related to petroleum engineering. To find robust grinding wheels and dressing tools for oil and gas industries Sunshine is the place for you.

  • Super Abrasives – CBN and Diamond Wheels
  • Cut-Off Wheels
  • CBN ID Grinding Wheels

Tools for Sliding Head Machines

Sunshine brings you a range of equipment and solution to support oil and gas production, refining, and transportation processes. Our team has been designing, manufacturing, and supplying tools for the oil and gas industry for years now. Having high-quality tools for sliding head machines can get the job done the way you want it.

  • Swiss-type Front Turning Tools
  • Swiss-type Back Turning Tools
  • Swiss-type Cut-off Tools
  • Swiss-type Grooving/Side-turning Tools
  • Swiss-type Threading Tools
  • Swiss-type ID Tooling
micro endmills
Solid Round Tools

Solid Round Tools

Solid round tools are made up of tough carbide material combined with dedicated micro geometries that improved tool strength. With High reliability and process security. Our tools have a tendency to bear wear and tear and have long to light by offering higher productivity.

  • Solid Ceramic Endmills
  • Solid Carbide Endmills
  • Solid Carbide Thread Mills
  • Micro Drills and Micro End Mills