Cycle Time Savers

Cycle time reduction is an important issue to improve customer experience. Thus, we have designed a range that is reliable and offers only high quality. Our cycle time savers include offering wide belt abrasive finishing machines for drilling metal, wood, plastics, and other materials.

  • Specialized Chamfering and Spot-Facing Tools
  • Very High Feed Gun Drilling

Hole Making Tools

Drilling holes is the most common of all machining processes. A manufacturer can only profit from hole-making tools only if he/she is well aware of the challenges of deep hole drilling and knows how to select the appropriate tools. With our hole-making tools, you don’t have to worry, as they reduce the metal to chips in a fast, simple, and economical process.

  • Indexable and Solid Drills
  • Rough Boring and Fine Boring Tools
  • Fixed and Expandable Reamers
solid carbide treadmills

Thread Making Tools

Thread making is a very crucial manufacturing activity due to the high demand for high-precision fastening devices and power transmission systems. Our range provides a high holding capability that is necessary for thread manufacturing.

  • HSS and Carbide Taps
  • Thread Turning Tools


Cutting tool inserts are replaceable attachments for cutting tools that typically contain the actual cutting edge. They are used for various manufacturing activities including construction, boring, drilling, grooving, hobbing, and many more. At Sunshine, we bring you cutting tool inserts that have many different geometries.

  • CBN Inserts
  • Ceramic Inserts
  • Carbide Inserts
carbide inserts
micro endmills

Micro Drills and Endmills

We have become one the most preferable firms for micro drills and endmills. Our range is immensely admired by the manufacturers when it comes to high quality, affordable cost, and longer life. Our drills and mills are developed by utilizing superb quality materials keeping in mind set industry norms and guidelines

  • Micro Reamers/Micro Boring Tools

Deburring and Chamfering Tools

Deburring Tools are required for removing burr that might break off during use if not removed. Chamfering tools are used for chamfering the flank edges of spur and helical cylindrical gears prevents edge distortion during heat treatment and protect the tooth profile against any nicks that may occur during handling.

  • Machine Deburring Tool
  • Spot Facing and Counter Boring Tool – Front & Back
  • Deburring Tool for Undefined Edges
  • Recessing Tool
  • Cross-Hole Deburring on the Machine
deburring and chamfering tools
Solid Round Tools

Solid Round Tools

Our solid round tools are meant for supporting workflow, efficiency, and productivity. We know that one size does not fit all and that’s why we have developed an offer that includes solid round tools in different categories. Why don’t you connect with us to know more about our solid round tools?

  • Solid Ceramic Endmills
  • Solid Carbide Endmills
  • Solid Carbide Thread Mills