High Speed Machining of Nickel-based Alloys

With our highly specialized patented material, Bidemics, you can achieve unprecedented feeds and speeds for turning high temperature alloys like Inconel, Nimonics, Rene, etc. Working on large components? Machining is not symmetrical? Don’t worry, we also offer similar tools for milling operations. Get more details and check out some of our live case studies in the adjoining videos

Rotary Broaching

Are you in the aerospace or the fasteners industry and take a lot of time making the head of the fasteners. Is it square, hexagon, splined, ribbed, or some other peculiar shape? Try our rotary broaching technology to reduce your cycle time for making such shapes down to seconds. Witness the technology for yourself in the adjoining videos

Specialized Chamfering and Spot-Facing Tools

Are your operators tired of manual deburring and chamfering? Are you tired of programming the interpolation for deburring for every new component? Don’t worry. Check out the videos of our plunge deburring and spot-facing tools imported from the US and Europe that can perform all your chamfering and spot facing operations. NO interpolation. NO manual benching.

Thread Whirling For Swiss-Style Machines

Compared to any competitor in the market, we can provide much superior thread whirling systems for a variety of Swiss-type machines. Be it a double lead thread or even a multi-lead thread, we take your challenge head on. We are experienced with tooling for bone screws as well as worm gears. Check out the videos of our thread whirlers

Very High Feed Gun Drilling

For many years now, gun drilling has been a stagnant industry in terms of technology employed. That is until now. With the ability to run the gun drills at 3 to 5 times higher feeds than any of the existing players in the market, we bring to you a product that can save you millions in productions cost every year.

Gun Drilling Tools