CBN Grinding wheel machine

How CBN Grinding Wheel Machine is Changing the Game in Tool Grinding?

Using the right tools is very crucial for doing the job in the right manner and as far as a machining process is concerned CBN grinding wheels are perfect. To get well-maintained cutting tools with sharpness CBN grinding wheels can be utilized very well. They offer precision and speed throughout the process to the machinist and that’s why choosing the correct CBN tool plays a very important role.

Tools are required to be cut and sharpened in a specific manner to serve their intent and CBN grinding tools are very helpful in that sense. These tools also deliver strong material removal rates without creating any thermal damage to a particular workpiece. They even offer longer wheel life and improved ability to grind wet or dry.

Let’s check out the benefits of using CBN grinding wheels.

CBN contains high abrasion resistance and thermal conductivity that is useful for providing and maintaining sharp cutting edges. Especially the projects which need high attention to detail work comfortably with CBN grinding wheels.

In comparison to the aluminium oxide abrasives CBN grains possess twice the hardness, four times higher the abrasive resistance and 55 times higher thermal conductivity. Such grinding tools are also suitable for grinding high-speed alloy tools that in return causes very little thermal damage to the cutting edges. The consistent sharp edges, cool cutting design action, less time needed for any gauging and increased grinding productivity makes CBN grinding wheels even more special.

The machinist is required to take care of CBN wheel and properly maintain them, so that you can enjoy an almost indefinite lifespan. This is also the reason why people prefer CBN grinding wheels for tool grinding   over a normal granular (Aluminium Oxide) wheel because they offer high durability.

Apart from producing high-quality cutting edges, there are various other applications of CBN wheels like for various hardened cutting tools. This allows saving almost 20-50% of cost depending in which industry and on which tools you are using them. Not much conditioning is required with CBN wheels, therefore such machines taken less downtime for the wheel maintenance.

If you still have queries about the applications or benefits of CBN grinding wheel machine you can talk to the experts at Sunshine Tools. Here we have a team of experts who can help you in finding the right type of machining tools for various procedures.