For threading long parts with small diameter in various exotic materials like titanium, nickel-based alloys, thread whirling is used. Our collection of thread whirling tools allows the manufacturing of small-diameter, long threads used on Swiss-type machines. With whirling holders and inserts a variety of medical parts like bone screws, dental implants and many automotive parts are produced.

Our thread whirling tools possess the following features:

1. Enhanced Productivity: As thread whirling is done in a single motion, machining times are shorter. Also, such tools allow operation under high feed rates.
2. Faster Setup: With Thread whirling the need for special support devices is eliminated and even the initial R&D cost is reduced.
3. Longer Tool Life: In comparison to the single-point tools, the whirling inserts have a stronger cutting edge and the cutter side clearance is attained via whirling spindle rotation. There’s no need to relieve material under the cutting edge and this offers a longer tool life.
4. Offers Support for Large Helix Angles: By adjusting the whirling unit the large helix angles can be compensated.

There are various advantages that the thread whirling process offers incorporating precision results compared to other high-quality trading methods like scheduling and thread grinding. With the thread rolling process you can achieve enhanced surface finish which is a result of the distinctive tangential cutter path and we enhanced rigidity. Due to longer to life and reduced cheap load, burrs are also minimized.

If we compare thread whirling to the thread milling at 0-degree thread wall, then you will find finish pattern in thread whirling improved. This is due to the tangential radial entry and exit of the cutter that leaves a very uniform pattern.
Benefits of thread whirling:

1. Single motion threading from stock diameter improves productivity and decreases cycle time
2. There’s no need of finishing treatment
3. Can easily machine high-quality threads on long and slender components without any risk of vibrations and bending
4. Accurate threads are produced by tilting the whirling ring
5. Offers good chip control and allows more productive machining.
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